Bawallerina Snoodie In Vermillion

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The "bawal" look is in trend and we are LOVING IT! Our Bawallerina Snoodie brings the "bawal" game to a whole new level by incorporating our bestselling design, the Ballerina Snoodie. The best part is, you do not need to fold for the double layer and the length is adjustable. It is easily styled exactly like the Ballerina Snoodie.

A Snoodie is a combination of a hoodie and a snood. This makes it extremely easy to wear and put in place. There is no sewing line at the top of the Snoodie, allowing for a more luxurious finish. Look effortlessly stylish.



Colour: Vermillion

Material: Glossy Satin

SKU: 00544


Product Care: Handwash Only. Steam Or Iron On Medium Heat.

*Colors may vary slightly from pictures due to viewing variations.

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